7th Mentorship Conversations 

This event was held on Sunday 28th February 2015 at the   MOW Club, South C, Nairobi 

The purpose of the Mentorship Conversations is creating an environment in which Mentees freely engage respected Mentors on select academic and careers success topics of interest. 

The onus is on Mentors to create an environment in which Mentees freely engage in asking life-changing questions they lack opportunity to ask. The environment is set by leveraging fun activities, through sports and experiential team building games. 

Shy students benefit from those that passionately engage mentors, benefitting from the conversations and interactions. Students are then free to further engage following the event, beginning with our standard Monitoring & Evaluation, 2 page essays emailed within 48 hours of the event. 

No two Mentorship Conversations events are the same, due to different Mentors and Mentees at each. Past mentors include Harvard University and other top world class university students. 

This event includes PhD in Leadership & Management candidates at the Management University of Africa - MUA. 


            Guest of Honour, Senate Speaker                   Hon Ekwee Ethuro 

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