School Motivational Talks

& Career Days

Value Proposition

Motivational talks are given to encourage students to see how they can succeed in their academics and careers - if they are willing and able to apply themselves.

We offer motivational talks from one hour, half day or full day. These can be combined as Career Day seminars for 1 or 2 days, over a weekend, during the week at one go or sequentially in alternative weeks.  

Our value proposition is based on the opportunity and power to reach & positively influence students for success BEFORE they do their examinations, “graduate” and progress on. Let them put their best foot forward! 

We proactively engage youth through known champions, creating an opportunity for building goodwill for sponsors and donors. The sponsors have the opportunity to brand their product or service through our positive content; vision with knowledge for success while mentoring students. The long term value includes entrepreneurial thinking for job creation, community improvement and resultant economic growth for societies and countries  


That no student should perish for lack of vision, or perish for lack of knowledge on how to succeed in their career and life. 

We challenge students to have a vision for their lives – and provide knowledge on how to better or best achieve their dreams. This is through first understanding themselves and then market in which they operate. Through this we then challenge students to benchmark with the top and best amongst themselves locally and  internationally. 


Eliminate the information gap that students, teachers and parents face in making informed decisions on careers and professions; empowering youth to make the best choices through training and mentorship. Youth to have knowledge with targeted, effective career choices customized to prevailing and emerging needs, opportunities and culture.  


  • To call out student’s dreams & passion success to bring out the next African “Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and Mark Zukerberg’s”. 
  • To challenge youth using international heroes through partners. 
  • We seek to have students seek admission and scholarships to top institutions within Africa (such as the Africa Leadership Academy in Johannesburg) and internationally - such as the US Ivy League; Harvard, Yale, Princeton & Top tier Universities like MIT and Johns Hopkins. 

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Social Value Creation 

This initiative fills a niche that has not yet been occupied. Students are happy to identify with professional champions and the opportunity to network and travel - releasing the incredible passion and potential in students, teachers, school administration and parents for their success!

Alliance High School; An honour to be with James Theuri whom we first engaged as a Std. 7 pupil at Acacia School, Kitengela! 

 Student participation @ Alliance High School

                                             Lenana School mentorship 
                                           Student participation @ Kennedy School, Kitengela

 Starehe Girls High School, Kiambu

                            Butere Girls High School with Calvary Church  of the Pacific, Hawaii, USA

                                       Kitengela International School talk

 Tudor Boys Secondary, Mombasa


    @ Kenya High School, Nairobi


      @ Lenana School, Nairobi


Vision for School Career talks - like the annual Harvard Business School's Africa Business Conference.

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