Sponsorship Criteria, Terms & Conditions

AKAD and our collaborative partners may from time to time, have the opportunity to sponsor select students or groups for particular activities, events or programs.

The aim of these is based on identifying exceptional students with the right mindset, interest, purpose, vision, passion and demonstrated achievements in working towards their goals within specific timelines.

Jt is our humble opinion that such students may then be strategically mentored towards greater heights, which could include, but are not limited to, admission and scholarship for study at top, world class institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, HEC MBA Paris, KAIST, Minerva, African Leadership University, etc.  

Select programs for such sponsorship include the annual GAP Year programs. 

In order for one to be favourably considered, they need to meet the following criteria as listed below;  

  1. School academic transcripts showing the four years of high school study (End of Year reports, and where necessary, End of Term reports).

These are requested in advance, so that at the end of the program, should there be new opportunities that require the same, one is not scrambling to find these documents with difficulty until the opportunity door closes (as has happened to others in the past).

  1. Verification of personality and character qualities; teacher recommendations

  2. Confirmation of Leadership & value addition to the school and community during the four years of study  

  3. Confirmation of student being rounded, through participation and excellence in Co-Curricular activities; sports, drama, math & science congress competitions, etc.

  4. Due to the financial component, be from a financially challenged background, failing which one can freely PAY for the mentorship and there is no need to source support for the same.

  5. Students to provide their written profile with profile photo, in keeping with the AKAD Profile Writing Guidelines, with written authority to leverage the same in raising sponsorship support and or seeking relevant opportunities

  6. Permission to share this and any other relevant information with potential sponsors, mentors and on public relations materials. Where students are under-age, this needs to be provided by parent or relevant guardian.

  7. Be available as Brand Ambassadors of potential sponsors and ourselves to fellow peers and the nations

  8. Be available as Peer Leader of the group they will be put in

  9. Must be ready, willing and able to be held accountable based on AKAD standards all through with monitoring & evaluation of the mentorship process. This includes, but is not limited to, essay writing for each and every activity – as per AKAD Essay Writing Guidelines within the given timelines. Other accountability includes, but is not limited to leadership development process (as per AKAD guidelines) with options of media appearances, etc.

  10. Leadership Development; be willing to be mentored in leadership growth process and share this with their peers & nation as positive role models

  11. Obtain official travel documentation – Passport and vaccinations in advance.

  12. Obtain official formal clothing for select activities, which may include media appearances

  13. Failure to demonstrate respect or overt rebellion is sufficient cause for immediate termination without prejudice from our programs and any potential scholarship program. One will NOT be welcome back even if they can afford to pay for the programs

  14. Sign a legal waiver document agreeing to this information above

  15. Kindly communicate meeting the above through your relevant Peer or Adult mentor by email.

Ingutia Boss Vituchi, Youth leader sponsored by Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Mathare Valley; KCSE 2023 mean grade B+. 
Former student at Kakamega High School, is among youth leaders in the GAP Year 2024 program, preparing for career success with options for admission & scholarship to top, world class universities worldwide.  

Above photo is of mainly sponsored youth by Munyao Kayugira & Co. Advocates, 36th AKAD seminar, "Mentoring Future Engineers" program at KIHBT, December 2023.





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