TV & Media Appearances 


The following are some of the recent national television appearances of AKAD mentors and mentees. 



Mentoring Future Engineers

(Sept 2015) 



Unemployment Among Youth

(Aug 2013) 


Parenting & Child Sexuality  Part 1


Parenting & Child Sexuality Part 2 


Bullying in Schools 


Youth and Morals 


The Church and Morality 


Life after Exams Failure 


Impact of Social Media on Families - Part 1


Impact of Social Media on Families - Part 2



 Limitless Inventor - Michael Mutuku Jan 2014


Parenting - the role of Fathers 


Parenting - with Dr. Stanley Mukolwe  



Choosing your career - Derek Bbanga and Dr. Julius Weche 



Setting the pace - with Martin Keino & Derek Bbanga

(Oct 2012)

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