Online Mentorship: 

Under Construction!


To provide a portal from which following our Case Study events, mentees can submit their work for continued off-site, online mentorship with our current and previous Peer and Adult Mentors world wide mentors.

For sustainability, this service is available at a fee, payable by MPesa (other payment platforms will be introduced later).

Current Peer Mentors include, but are not limited to, those currently enrolled in top, world class universities which include, but are not limited to the following;  

  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Stanford University, USA  
  • African Leadership Academy, South Africa 
  • African Leadership University, Mauritius 
  • African Leadership University, Rwanda 
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Technical University of Kenya

The value of online mentorship is in providing metrics for Data Management, Workflow & Communication, Monitoring & Evaluation – with Outcome Measurement 


Strategic Path forward

Our strategic way forward in up-scaling AKAD Mentorship solutions is to go beyond the current face to face mentorship model – by leveraging available mobile and online technology.

This way AKAD will leap frog from engaging 100 youth to over 10,000 youth per month.


Our solution is through an online, cloud based mentorship engagement developed by our own AKAD mentees, who have gone through our processes.

This will enable engagement and follow up of our Case Study teaching methods, leveraging current and previous AKAD Peer and Adult mentors, leaders and professionals in the different fields in the following ways;


1)      Students that attend our Case Study events and submit mentorship essays for development in Analysis, Critical Thinking and Problem solving.


2)      Peer & Adult Mentors online engagement


3)      Sponsors objective access to metrics demonstrating value for their sponsorship based on their own Key Performance Indicators.  


What can we expect, going forward?

Our solution will therefore held deliver the following, among others;


1. Data Management

•  Capacity to upload data via Desktop, Laptop and mobile phones

•  CRM Database: Capture leads, capture client and mentee data

•  Manage and analyze demographic data on mentees, track activities, trainings and relationship-related data

•  Allow for client feedback through surveys to build robust data regarding program effectiveness


2. Workflow & Communication

•   Manage mentee applications and make mentor/mentee matches

•   Upload resources and documents for mentees, mentors and staff  

•   Securely access the program anywhere, anytime from international locations els


3. M&E: Outcome measurement & Reporting with Big Data analytics

•   Track key information and indicators

•   Generate reports for stakeholders with important insights

•   Customisable surveys for Mentors and Mentees to analyze outcomes and objectives.


4.  Payment collection

·         Sustainability through payment for services through mobile money transfer systems such as  MPesa, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

·      Choice selection based on Strategic Business Unit



The AKAD Online Portal is undergoing User Experience Testing. For those who wish to participate, please let us know by sending email to



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