2019 Admissions & Scholarship Day 

Date:  Tue 8th January 2019 

Target:  Form 4 leavers & others

Location: MOW Sports Club, South C, Nairobi (see map below)

Time:     8:00am to 4:45pm

Why? : 
Provide information and Case Studies on obtaining Admissions & scholarships to top, overseas universities from successful professional & peer mentors 


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2019 Event participants are to provide us with an essay of the event, based on AKAD Essay Writing Guidelines, which are available by clicking here        

The above is part of our 10 week, Gap Year program; a non-examinable program with a “Certificate of Participation” branded in collaboration with partners and sponsors. This Mentorship training includes;

  1. Formal training by mentors on personal leadership (Goal setting, knowing self, communication skills, critical thinking, time management & career success) over an initial 30 hours contact period, 3 hours per meeting, twice a week. 
  2. Field based Community Development Activities, based on individual passion and interests
  3. University Admission assistance – based on alumni and other peer support
  4. Job shadowing of professionals on location, based on the revealed student interests and passions – in collaboration with available Corporates; Bidco Africa, Kenya Power, Davis & Shirtliff, ILRI, UNON, University of Nairobi, Oracle, National Bank, Boma Hotels, Public Image Inc, etc.
Our 2019 admissions session has the following two Peer Mentors sharing their admissions and scholarships success journey to inspire youth to aspire to similar success;

  • Eric Fairweather - admitted to Minerva Schools, San Francisco, USA

  • Michael Mutie - currently admitted to the African Leadership University, Mauritius campus.
The year 2017 Admission & Scholarship event was held on 17th January 2017 following the earlier 12th Mentorship Conversations event on 31st December 2016. The Socratic Case Study at the time was of  of Minerva Schools scholarships, as an innovative undergraduate program that combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study at residential study locations that include;
  • San Francisco (USA), 
  • Berlin (Germany), 
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina), 
  • Seoul (South Korea), 
  • Hyderabad (India), 
  • London (UK), 
  • Taipei (Taiwan)
In the year 2016, Eric Fairweather was in high school, form 2 and heard about Minerva Schools through our collaboration.  This demonstrates the value of Peer Mentoring; information shared by older previous peer mentors (Francis Wahome),  trickles down to younger youth in school so that they can begin to aspire for and strategically work towards future admissions and scholarships.

Location: MOW Sports Club, South C, Nairobi


2018  Admissions Event Essays

2017 Admissions Event Essays

'My Testimony' Semo Maleche - Jan 2017.pdf 'My Testimony' Semo Maleche - Jan 2017.pdf
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Waweru Mathenge - Akad essay - Jan 2017.pdf Waweru Mathenge - Akad essay - Jan 2017.pdf
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Jessy Karanja - AKAD Essay Jan 2017.pdf Jessy Karanja - AKAD Essay Jan 2017.pdf
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Andrew Njuguna - Essay Jan 2017.pdf Andrew Njuguna - Essay Jan 2017.pdf
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   Eric Fairweather - Minerva Schools, USA 
        Michael Mutie - ALU, Mauritius 
                 With thanks to Dr. Vimal Shah, Mentor of youth!

                       Examples of successful mentorship pipeline

For direct registration to the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAT) website, click here


Resource Persons  


Prof. Mugendi K. M'Rithaa 

Professor Mugendi M'Rithaa is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Informatics & Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and holder of a PhD in Universal Design. He is an industrial designer, educator and researcher and a curator for Design Indaba Expo and an AKAD Education Group – Africa mentor.

Prof. Mugendi the President Emeritus / Convenor of the Senate for the World Design Organization, having been President for two years from October 2015. The World Design Organization (formerly known as the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design - Icsid) is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) founded in 1957 that promotes the profession of industrial design. WDO has United Nations Special Consultative Status.

He is a member of the Cape Town 2014 World Design Capital Bid Advisory Committee and serves on the Icsid Executive Board, Network of Africa Designers (NAD), member of the Network on Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS - Africa), and the Learning Network on Sustainability(LeNS). He is a Universal Design Consultant at Universal Design Africa

Prof Mugendi M'Rithaa is an active member of the Cape Town Design Network (CTDN), Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA), Ergonomics Society of Southern Africa (ESSA), Network on Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) and the Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS). He holds a Master of Industrial Design from the Indian Institute of Technology-Mumbai and a PhD in Universal Design from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Kenyan by birth, M’Rithaa has played an influential role in promoting design and design education on the African continent. He studied at Lenana School, Product design at University of Nairobi and Computer Aided Design (CAD) at Technical University of Kenya.

After completing his Masters degree in Industrial Design at the Indian Institute of Technology IDC, IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India, he returned to Kenya, where he taught at and started both the Industrial Design and Interior Design programmes at the University of Nairobi. He then went on to teach at the University of Botswana, where again he helped launch the industrial design programme.

Prof M’Rithaa is passionate about various expressions of socially responsive and responsible design, including design for sustainability, participatory design, and universal design. He has a special interest in the pivotal role of design in advancing the developmental agenda on the African continent.

Prof is associated with a number of international networks focusing on design within industrially developing/majority world contexts, and is currently serving a second term on the executive board of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid).

Professor M’Rithaa has been key in pioneering project between Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Nicky’s Drive. The CPUT Design and Engineering Departments, headed by world-renowned design and universal access consultant, Professor Mugendi M’Rithaa, completed the prototype/simulator vehicle unveiled at the Disability Drive Expo.

The launch included a car museum in which adapted vehicles from drivers with various disabilities were on display. By engineering technology in South Africa, a world of affordable and accessible driving opportunities will open up for disabled persons in South Africa. Spin off opportunities related to the research and development and eventually production and roll out of the technology will create jobs for disabled persons.

You can follow Prof Mugendi on Facebook by clicking here 


Purity Karimi Marangu

Purity holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Management, and is a Youth Officer, implementing policies for and on behalf of the Government of Kenya - impacting  hundreds of youth to date. 

The engagement with AKAD is to benchmark with successes by professionals in the youth mentorship space, continually adding value based on the new and changing dynamics of youth today. 

There is an old adage which states, "If you find that you are the smartest person in the room, find another room." Put another way, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to become a champion race horse if all you do is compete against donkeys. Surrounding yourself with wiser and more experienced folks will challenge and mature you, help you grow in areas you are not even aware of yet. Purity is part of the process of engaging with smarter successful persons in the youth mentorship space, creating the opportunity for youth to spread their wings up and fly 



For more photos of Michael and his activities, kindly click here
Michael Mutie

Michael is a third year Computer Science major at the African Leadership University main campus, located on the tropical Island of Mauritius. ALU was recently featured by CNN on African Voices, as the Harvard of Africa.

Michael has devoted himself to adding value to youth in different parts of Africa and beyond, through various organizations working in diverse bodies of government and industry throughout Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Germany and the USA. He has severally been featured on National and International media , speaking as a leader on youth issues. 

In 2015, Michael was hosted as a young leader at the White House in Washington DC by President Barack Obama , in recognition of his leadership in driving change. Following this, he was celebrated on National TV as a National “Shujaa” (Hero) , during Kenya’s Heroes day celebrations.

With an eye for sustainable development, Michael founded The ClimArT Campaign , an initiative leveraging Arts and Technology, tools most familiar to young people, to raise awareness on Climate change and to take a stand for the environment. The initiative was recently voted as the best youth led initiative in Africa by the African Youth Green Initiatives, and will be receiving funding from the African Initiative on Climate Change, so as to further their campaign efforts across the continent.

ClimArT also featured in the African youth Green Initiatives Book launched during The 22nd session of the Youth Conference on Climate Change - Africa, at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in November 2016, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Michael strongly believes in the power of a good education and mentorship. He’s rooted on the conviction that the consistent, enduring presence of a caring and responsible adult in a young person’s life can make all the difference. His vision is for Africa to become more autonomous in nurturing her own minds and talents, which will in turn hopefully drive the growth and development through Education and Technology.

In addition to being a detail oriented and fast learner, Michael is 
also skilled in building and maintaining professional relationships . He is currently capitalising on internship opportunities made available to him through ALU to expand his networks and to build a strong database of connections that will enable him to achieve his vision for Kenya, and Africa.

Media Links & Documentation



Eric Fairweather 

Eric is admitted to Minerva Schools, San Francisco, USA to study Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

Prior to this, Eric was a relationship officer working with Equity Bank where he was also a corporate cashier. He is a peer mentor with AKAD Education Group - Africa, the founder of Diverting the Winds Campaign and an ELP scholar.

Eric is an alumnus of Lenana School, a national school in Kenya where he scored an A- in his KCSE. Due to his excellent academic performance, he joined Equity Leaders Program alongside the 142 A students in 2017’s KCSE examinations. He has currently studied for and completed 5 Certificate courses with YALI online courses in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, economics, resource and disaster management.

In high school, Eric was the chairman of Science club and an active researcher with the school’s chapter of IPSOS Research Club of Africa. Finally, his greatest mark was when he co-wrote a Mathematics revision book used in the school to this date. Currently, Eric is securing a turbine-less windmill he built in high school and is working on the development of a secondary school banking company set to materialize in 2019.

Diverting the Winds Campaign is currently mentoring youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in 6 counties in Kenya, partnering with schools, churches and orphanages with its skill based curriculum. Eric is also the head mentor of Oloolaiser high school Wings to Fly Scholars. In high school, he was the School Captain in 2017 and the first Environment captain in form 3. He hosted the National Prefects congress successfully in Lenana School as School Captain too.

As part of AKAD Education Africa, he propagates capacity building and skill deliverance fostered along the Hersey Blanchard leadership model. Eric was aired on KBC channel for an hour on the show Goodmorning Kenya on Mentorship and youth leadership. Eric was also an African Leadership Academy Finalist.

In 2015, Eric was sponsored to attend a week-long leadership congress at Kigali Rwanda by MasterCard Foundation. Eric spoke to an audience of 4,000 Wings to fly scholars on community building, based on his experience in Kigali Rwanda at their congress in December 2015, he has also spoken to several schools since. He has also attended seminars such as: EAGx conference on Effective Altruism to Alleviate Poverty, Peace Stakeholders Conference at Laico regency as well as Mentoring Future Leaders and mentorship at Bidco and Kenya power on full sponsorship. Eric attended the 2017 national prayer breakfast on invitation from the speaker of Senate Hon. Ekwe Ethuro.

Eric seeks to engage in potential enhancing activities that are solutions centered in his quest for global mindedness and social impact.

Contact details

Tel.no: 0787402848/0765050731

Email: rickyfairweather52@gmail.com

Facebook: Ricky Fairweather

LinkedIn: Eric Fairweather

Pages: Diverting The Winds Campaign

          Fairweather Arts Co






Lennox Owino

Lennox Owino is the recipient of the PACE Leadership Award 2018. This was in recognition of his efforts and achievements in improving education at Komarock Primary , an under resourced public primary school in Nairobi. This was during his fellowship with Pacemaker International, where he served as a team leader of 6 other volunteers, providing leadership in school administration, tutoring, homework support and initiating school based projects. 

Together with his team , Lennox founded the Beba Vitabu Project, that designed and made 60 school bags for young academics at his volunteer station, using upcycled t-shirts and African prints. Due to his love for the game of chess, and recognition of the benefits that the game would bring to young people,Lennox started a chess club at Komarock Primary. Using his negotiation skills, he managed to seek assistance from Minichess Kenya, and affiliate of Chess Kenya, and the Robert Katende foundation that donated a total of 20 complete chess sets that would aid in the development of the sport in the school. Due to the strong values he portrayed as volunteer with Pacemaker, he was selected as a Project Assistant intern with the organisation.This has seen him assist the youth of Kahawa Sukari initiate and grow various projects.

Lennox is a peer mentor with AKAD Education Africa, where he seeks to impact the youth through soft skills training and career and academic guidance. Apart from mentoring students from his alma mater, Lenana School, through various sessions that he organised with the school, he has also represented the  youth in several national seminars,conferences and meetings. He played a big role in the facilitatorship of the 4th Mentoring Future Engineers With Kenya Power in December 2017 together with attending  the National Gender Equality Commission meeting in December 2017 and January 2018. Lennox was also selected to speak on behalf of the 2017 KCSE candidates thanks to AKAD , when he featured on a K24 9:00pm News Bulletin on the 20th of December 2017. He was able to share advice on passing the national exams and also give his view in the academic performance of boys in the exams.

Lennox is currently working on his pursuit of higher education. Following his experiences with AKAD and Pacemaker, he aspires to take a career in Education and work to make his country and continent active and engaging education hubs. So far, his ranking in the 98th percentile of the October 2018 SAT exam was a step in the direction in achieving his dreams.


Boniface B. Omina 

Boniface is the Chief Executive Officer of BOXT Kenya, a media start-up which aims to introduce new content to the mainstream platform. He is Co-Founder and Head of Operations of the African Footprint Initiative and does marketing and research consultancy, having been trained by top market researchers at IPSOS. 

Boniface leads in areas of teambuilding, public speaking, personal and business branding in entrepreneurship at AKAD Africa, where he is a peer mentor and brand ambassador. 

Boniface co-founded the African Footprint Initiative with an aim of using performing and fine arts to address the issues that affect the youth in society. It has undertaken events such as the 2016 Campaign Against Drugs Festival and pre-high school mentorship. One of the beneficiaries of the Footprint Mentorship Program is CITAM Academy-Woodley where the initiative has offered mentorship to over 200 students in a span of four years.

Discovering his passion for speaking; he has moderated panel discussions at BIDCO Africa interviewing BIDCO Chairman-Dr. Vimal Shah and the CEO- Mr.TRM. In his pursuit to becoming a corporate Master of Ceremonies, he has moderated events such as the 2018 YCS Rallies at Lenana School and Precious Blood Riruta and the 2018 Research Clubs of Africa national competitions. Omina was an invited speaker at the 2018 Jenesis Summit where he spoke on careers, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Boniface attained directorship of the Research Clubs of Africa-Lenana School in his third year of high school, making him the youngest director of the Research Club since its institution in 2010. In his tenure as director he led his school to their third regional title and second national title since he joined the club in 2015. He handed over the position in 2018, leaving the Research Club as the most successful club in the school having bagged more titles, awards and trophies than any other club. 

As brand ambassador of AKAD Africa, Omina has represented the organisation at various platforms such as KBC TV, Radio and The Standard Newspaper. Boniface represented AKAD on K24 TV speaking on the implementation of the 2-6-6-3 education system in Kenya. He has also given various talks under the AKAD umbrella at Precious Blood Riruta, Makini School and the African Leadership University. 

Boniface seeks to continue working with IPSOS in the field of research during his gap year 2019, implementing innovative ideas in the research industry. He also wants to focus on developing his media company collaborating with personalities in the media industry, both in the country on a global scale. Due to his passion for leadership and love for Africa, Omina has his sights set on pursuing an undergraduate at the African Leadership University-Mauritius and introduce an official TV show that covers various activities and events at ALU.



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