Thu, October 7, 2010 5:52:18 PM
[YP_Ke] Parents in diaspora
Absalom Birai <> 
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To: Pastor Absalom N.Birai <>

There is an out cry by most, if not all parents in diaspora.What's happening? Their children that they were once proud of have become a pain in the neck.In what ways?

1.Some have become so disobedient and super rude.
2.Some tarry long hours in night clubs or liquor/beer places.They freely indulge in alcohol and are always as drunk as a fish.
3.Some have lost respect. They now call their parents by their names and more often than not "You guys" This kind of disrespect has angered many parents beyond human explanation.
4.They come home any time they feel like and don't want any one to ask them anything
5.Some don't care for school any more or if they do,they are coming home with D's and F's
6.Some have chosen a game of chasing boys or girls with no fear of contracting a killer disease.Sadly, some have chosen to dig their own graves and bury themselves.
7.To satisfy their many needs, some have chosen a career of stealing from anywhere they can find easy target
8.Some are no longer interested with the things of God such as going to church.
9.Some are happy and ready to accuse their own parents for teaching them the right stuff

Pushed to the corner and left with no option, some parents have found themselves doing some of the following:

1.Deeply regretting the decision to take their children abroad.
2.Disowning their own grown up children
3.Unwilling to sponsor any other children for further studies abroad
4.Keep a low profile to avoid public humiliation

Listen to me you children. If you can,write the following for your future reference.

1.Any child who does not honor his or her parents is doomed to failure, and failure in a big way.
2.By choosing your path of disrespect and disobedience, you have chosen to dig your own grave.
3. The same things that you are doing to your parents will sure come back to you.
4.The university of hard knocks is tough.Its lessons can can humiliate you in ways you never thought.

If I were you, I will repent of my stubbornness, ask for forgiveness and do the right thing. If not, know for sure that regrets will sure follow. Then, it will be forever too late.

Pastor Birai