AUGUST 2015 Activities


We celebrate the Director General, NYS, Dr. Nelson Githinji for providing the opportunity for AKAD youth to tour the NYS facilities this August holidays!

Photos are on our Facebook page "Akad Africa"

We are greatful to the Director General, NYS - Dr. Nelson Githinji, for providing opportunity for Akad Mentees to visit and tour the NYS facilities on Monday 17th August, 2015.

The real value of this tour is a one-on-one discussion with Dr. Githinji on Leadership, as we prepare the next generation of leaders.

In the above photo, Dr. Nelson Githinji is with Kenya's President, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta at a recent NYS function
    Word Of Life Camp, Diani Beach


From:  Sun 23rd September 2015

Akad Peer Mentors from Shraha Secondary School, Western Kenya will be in attendance. These are;

1. Odhiambo Michael

2. Muruka Wilberforce

3. Rechel Naliaka

Other interested persons need to contact Word Of Life international direct. Thank you.