Aviation - Pilot Engineer Professional Mentorship

AKAD - KAC Collaboration


Aim: School Holidays Aviation Mentorship

Target: Upper Primary & High School Youth

Duration: 5 Days in a Week: Monday to Friday

Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm daily (Day Programme)

Dates: April 2019 School holidays 

  1. Monday 1st - 5th April 2019
  2. Monday 8th - 12th April 2019
  3. Monday 15th - 18th April 2019
  4. Tue 23rd - 26th April 2019

Cost: Ksh 25,000/- per week (excluding meals)

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Location of KAC, Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa


Location: Within Wilson Business Park in Wilson Airport. 

The facilities include ample theoretical training classrooms, briefing rooms, operations centre, planning rooms, offices, rest areas, well stocked library and our simulator centre. 

  1. Introduction: Problem & Challenges

School youth passionate about Aviation Careers while in school as a 5 day program

  1. Solution  
  • AKAD collaboration with the Kenya Aeronautical College and Skymax Aviation have a one week, Youth Pilot Engineer Professional Aviation Mentorship Program.  
  • Target is Upper primary and High school youth, 
  • Cost = Ksh 25,000/- per week
  • Real flying option @ Ksh 15,500/- per hour shared flight of 3 students & Simulator. 

  1. Vision, Mission & Goals
  • Introduction to Piloting & Aviation Engineering, one week practical and hands on mentorship course;
  • Basics of aviation engineering – how the aircraft flies, Aircraft Systems
  • Meteorology, Mapping, Navigation & Flying blind
  • Safety Procedures, Maintenance, Hanger & Control Tower
  • Theory classes of 1 – 2 hours per day
  1. Value Creation 
  • Real practical exposure to aviation industry for wise knowledgeable career choices
  • Provides motivation to excel in current academic subjects; English, Geography, Physics leading to aviation subjects
  • Cost effective introduction without investing millions in committed adult aviation studies
  • Certificate awarded by Kenya Aeronautical College & Skymax Aviation, leading to seeking PPL, CPL, IR, ATPL and other aviation certification.
  1. Sustainability
  •  Program to run weekly during school holidays
  • Opportunity to transition into formal aviation careers
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for customer satisfaction done
  • Follow up school holiday classes will be at higher level classes.

 Accommodation for out of town youth;

  • From the Aero Club (high end) to Hostels in Nairobi West @600 per person sharing. Groups of students can be hosted at the Upper Hill School.
  • Option of alternative one week full time KAC flying school in Malindi