Mentorship 2021


We are happy to help lead in the Bidco Apprentice 2021 Mentorship Program; small group training with Dr. Vimal Shah and Senior Bidco Management, based on 10 foundational success sessions. 


We address the following key problems; 

  •  Lack of strategic academic & career preparation in schools & colleges
  • Lack of clear academic pathways to careers
  • Emphasis on rote learning in schools
  • Lack of mentorship by principled, ethical leaders
  • Lack of comprehensive leadership development programs for youth
  • “Work Ready” youth on graduation!

There are few programs specifically designed to address the above. As a result, many youth have no clue as to their personal gifts, talents, skills and abilities – and therefore what career is best to pursue. Career decisions are made based on academic grades, college placement, guess-work, peer & parental pressure or media exposure and the lack thereof. Purely academic based examination systems are a poor measurement of a student’s retentive, analytical, moral and emotional intelligence – yet are the standard used in eliminating students when in competition for limited academic places.

Start Date: TBA 

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm; 

Frequency: 3 times per week; Monday, Wed & Friday

Cost: Ksh 5,500/- per person per session, payable weekly.

Location: TBA 


Kindly express your interest and register by  clicking here


AKAD and Bidco Africa have held several successful “Mentoring Future Leaders” events at the Bidco Africa Auditorium, Thika - since 26th September 2015. We are truly grateful for the personal presence and leadership of Dr. Vimal Shah and Bidco Africa senior management in preparing "Work Ready" youth for excellence in academics, internships, work and career. Our previous events include, but are not limited to;

  1.  Future Leaders 5 -
  2. Future Leaders 3  -
  3. Future Leaders -
  4.  Dr Vimal with AKAD at University Student Leaders Training
  5. Photos of Mentoring Future Leaders, available by clicking here   
The 10 stage training sessions include, but are not limited to the following topic outlines;

  1. Profile Writing & presentation; Elevator Pitch
  2. Branding; knowing & understanding self, “I am”
  3. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  4. Communication: Essays & CV writing Skills
  5. Negotiation; Single Party
  6. Public Speaking & Confidence Building
  7. Success Principles; Paradigms, Beliefs & Attitudes
  8. Leadership Growth & Development
  9. Ideation: Current news; problem solving & solutions
  10. Concept note writing – Entrepreneurship