Sat, October 16, 2010 11:13:45 AM
[YP_Ke] Family murders in the USA, taking a proactive approach!!!
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Dear All,
The recent shocking murder of a spouse and her two children in the US is not the first one, just a some months ago, there was yet another one of the same kind. Apparently, many other things, including suicides are beginning to take root among our brothers and sisters residing especially in the USA. I would like to posit that there is a deep underlying reason that together as Kenyans, we need to bring out in the open and discuss so that we can begin to seek solutions.
First and foremost, let me take this opportunity to thank Wangui Giciabu, Dr. Joe Karogi, Pastor Birai and Margaret Gichuhi for taking a pro-active approach in discussing this in the open and in an honest manner given they talk from authority having lived in the US for some time. There is this perception that if one is in the USA, life is all rosy and all heaven. This is a perception that those living in the USA must disabuse our youth of. Driving by the US Embassy whenver I visit my project offices in Gigiri, I have always seen long qeues of youth struggling to secure visas to the US. I once met a young man in a local with a cousin of mine in Nairobi and in the discussion, his imminent travel to the USA came up, he had apparently secured a visa to go to the US. He all was excited and from the look of his excitement, he presumed he had kissed hard life goodbye. This was and is still the dream of many young. The land of opportunity that the USA was has since changed, Americans themselves are having it rough and I guess anyone else would if they do not have a stable income and secure employment an above all, a very good education.
Stories have been told of how just sitting with a mzungus child for a few hours would earn you lots of $$$$. Washing this or that would bring $$$ rushing into your pockets. But stories are not being told of how bills are high and you may need to do lots and lots of jobs to pay these bills, worse if you are a student. It does not make much sense for a student to struggle to go for studies in the US,pay for fees and accommodation and having to take up jobs to make ends meet when they could easily got to Nazarene, USIU, Daystar, Catholic etc, even our public universities have now openned doors to paying stundents!!!!
In Kenya, a student will live within affordable means in a county familiar to them and where they can rely on the goodwill of parents and relatives. Unless one has a fully paid up scholarship, those who go with a few hundred thousand raised from harambees in Kenya soon find themselves in trouble when they run out of money, soon they drop out and start playing cat and mouse with US immigration when their student visas expire.
It is time those who have worked, lived and stayed in the USA begin giving a clear account of what life is, how success is achieved and the fact that it is not neccesarily that on landing in the US, your troubles are gone, FOREVER!!!
Before, many Kenyans housed their brothers and sisters who went and were trying to settle, I don't think this is the trend anymore, life has become hard and no one will house you for months for free as you look for "non- existent opportunity in the land of opportunity". It would be advisable to enlighten our brothers and sister back at home that form 4 certificate will not get you anywhere in the USA so linning up at the US Embassy in Kenya to get a visa to go to "Stato" is a waste of valuable time that could be used in trying to enroll in a college in Kenya which is cheaper, affordable and you will most probably have no bills to pay as you shall be living with your parents or relatives.
It would also be note worthy to discuss the cultural backgrounds that shocks many who get there for the first time. I think someone mentioned the emerging problem of "rights and freedoms" that are tearing families apart. As africans and moreso Kenyans, we are socialized in ways that when we go to foreign lands, we need to understand how to manage the new cultures we find ourselves in lest we break families.
I could go on, but I think the onus is on our countrymen in the USA to begin debunking some of these misconcerptions. When in high school in the late 80s, my greatest ambition was to go to the USA. I am not sure if I still hold similar ambitions apart from tourism but apparently, even with the economic meltdown the USA has undergone and the dwindling opportunities, many of our school leavers still believe going to America is the "ultimate route to opportunities."
Otieno Sungu.
Juba-Southern Sudan.

From: Joe Karogi <>
Sent: Fri, October 15, 2010 5:47:56 PM
Subject: Re: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested


Thanks so much no doubt something need to be done for our people to understand about things happening- I mentioned in another email that last weekend there was a KCFA  women conference going on in Alabama and domestic violence was addressed very openly . You raised very practical things people need to think about.

From: Wangui Gaciabu <>
Sent: Fri, October 15, 2010 10:32:11 AM
Subject: Re: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested


Hi Karogi
I appreciate your support of my outburst.  
Cheers (ubarikiwe sana),

--- On Sat, 16/10/10, Joe Karogi <> wrote:

From: Joe Karogi <>
Subject: Re: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested
Cc: "Wangui Gaciabu" <>
Received: Saturday, 16 October, 2010, 1:13 AM

Thanks you have put very clear I support your sentiments,

From: To:
Sent: Fri, October 15, 2010 8:46:53 AM
Subject: Re: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested

Very sad indeed.  Reading about the illnesses,  murders and suicides that Kenyans are doing overseas, I sometimes wonder why. 
I am sure I will be hated for this but I will take the courage to "put it out there" for everyone of one of us to think about.
1.  Illness -  If you or your family has a dodgy or terminal illness that you know of, it is common sense that you make it easier for everyone by reasoning.   You dont go overseas to die (or take your terminally ill patient to die overseas) unless you have the money to pay for it in the event that you or they pass on while overseas.  It is so........much cheaper and responsible to keep it simple and cheaper for yourself and your family if you can let it happen back home if you need a burial.  If you insist on residing overseas or taking your ailing family members for treatment overseas, please ensure that you dont pass the burden to everyone (we all know that we live on a budget and its not fair to take advantage of our RESPECT FOR THE DEPARTED year after year).  We are all going to be in that situation and the important thing is to think and plan about it because it is un-deniable!  THINK RESPONSIBLY, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND DONT PASS THE BURDEN COZ WE ALL HAVE THAT ISSUE LOOMING IN THE BACK OF OUR MINDS!
2. Suicide - If you feel suicidal, it helps to talk to someone you trust (its got to be someone with a sense of responsibility) about your thoughts.  If I felt suicidal, I will f............ tell everyone close to me so that they can stop me.  IF YOUR INNER CIRCLE DONT UNDERSTAND IT, CHECK YOURSELF IN FOR TREATMENT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. 
3. Murder - If your spouse hurts you really bad - just walk away and take time to reflect (cooling off is critical) and take the time to think of the positives that the situation could bring.  If you can identify only one single positive thing you can do to move on, take positive action and dont hesitate.   If kids are involved, PLEASE PROTECT THEM AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE VULNERABLE BUT WORKING ON IT.  KIDS ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS AND LOVING GIFTS THAT YOU CAN HAVE. If you still feel like killing yourself or your spouse - PLEASE LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE COZ THEY ARE INNOCENT VICTIMS.
One last thing, if you are Kenyan man who sponsors a kenyan woman to marry overseas, take time to know her (they can be greedy, selfish, high-maintainence and manipulative).  And if you are a woman who is being sponsored by a Kenyan man to marry overseas, dont get too excited about the benefits that you can get if you told him to "F.........OFF just because you experience some level of women-freedom unknown in Kenya.  If you want that, find your way overseas on your own girls!! ( if you divorce the poor guy who made it possible for you to know that Kenyan way is not the only way, you have to face the consequences - its a choice you made and you have to take responsibility of any consequences, good or bad).
I am done with my outburst and I am glad I shared.  Please dont rush out at me, think of your situation and your friends' situations. 
Take care of yourselves and each other responsibly - perhaps you can stop those suicides, murders and illness-avoidable financial burdens if you reflect about the consequences.
Think positive and act on it - if you have kids from the relationship, they will quickly pick up

--- On Mon, 11/10/10, Kuria-Mwangi <> wrote:

From: Kuria-Mwangi <>
Subject: Re: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested
Received: Monday, 11 October, 2010, 3:54 PM

Mother is african american and dad Kenyan. Kimani the father took off. So culturally he is african american.

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 12:32 AM, Faiza Hassan <> wrote:
So he is a Kenyan born in US?

On 10/10/10, Kuria-Mwangi <> wrote:
> Hi John,
> A mwananchi from Boston area has confirmed that this fellow's father was a
> Kimani who left for nyumbani.
> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 11:08 PM, john O <> wrote:
>> Kimani is a popular African American name. Let us wait.
>> Could be drugs related given the nature of the brutality.
>> Otsiatso
>> --- On *Sat, 10/9/10, Kuria-Mwangi <>* wrote:
>> From: Kuria-Mwangi <>
>> Subject: [KOL] Kimani Washington Arrested
>> To: "YP Young Professional" <>
>> Cc: "Mlalahoi" <>, "KCA" <
>>>,, "Africa-Oped" <
>> Date: Saturday, October 9, 2010, 1:35 PM
>> Is this fellow a mwananchi or was sired by a mwananchi? Why is he Kimani?
>> This is one of the most brutal murders i have ever heard about. Why murder
>> a
>> toddler?
>> Arrest made in Mattapan killings
>> Dorchester man held in N.H. on gun, stolen vehicle charges
>> (Manchester, N.H. Police)
>> (Manchester, N.H. Police)
>> Kimani Washington
>> By Maria Cramer and Brian R. Ballou
>> Globe Staff / October 2, 2010
>> E-mail|
>> Print|
>> Reprints|
>> Text size – +
>> Boston police have arrested a Dorchester man in Manchester, N.H., in
>> connection with the killings of four people, including a toddler in
>> Mattapan, police and prosecutors said late last night.
>> Kimani Washington, 35, has not been charged with murder, but he was
>> charged
>> with unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, and receiving a
>> stolen
>> motor vehicle, police said. He was alone, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt,
>> when he was apprehended in an apartment complex at 69 Eastern Ave.,
>> Manchester police said.
>> “We will begin the extradition process as soon as possible,’’ said Jake
>> Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.
>> Manchester police said he will be arraigned in Manchester District Court
>> Monday. He is being held at the Hillsborough County House of Correction as
>> a
>> fugitive from justice, said Manchester police Lieutenant Detective Peter
>> Bartlett.
>> Washington was apprehended by the Boston Police Fugitive Unit and homicide
>> detectives, Elaine Driscoll, spokeswoman for the Boston police, said.
>> Delorise Flonory, the grandmother of one of the victims, Eyanna Flonory,
>> said she was thrilled to learn of the arrest.
>> “It makes me feel good if they got the right one,’’ she said in a
>> telephone
>> interview. “It’ll make me feel even better when they get them all.’’
>> Wark declined to comment about other suspects.
>> Five people were found shot on Woolson Street in Mattapan early Tuesday
>> morning. One of them was Eyanna Flonory’s 2-year-old son. A fifth victim
>> is
>> clinging to life in a Boston hospital.
>> The arrest was the latest development in a case that has shocked the city
>> for its brutality and the age of the youngest victim, Amanihotep Smith.
>> Police began closing in on Washington soon after the shootings.
>> On Wednesday, one day after police responded to the shootings, officers
>> went to the home of Washington’s stepfather, Charles Collins, less than 2
>> miles away on Fowler Street in Dorchester.
>> There, they recovered a weapon believed to be linked to the killings,
>> according to Collins and law enforcement officials.
>> Collins said officers came to his apartment in the three-family home with
>> a
>> search warrant and told him he had to wait outside as they looked for
>> evidence in connection with the shootings.
>> Some time after midnight, the officers left, but not before telling him
>> they had found a weapon in his 16-year-old son’s bedroom, Collins said.
>> “I couldn’t understand why they wanted to search my house,’’ he said. “I
>> never figured there would be a gun in my house.’’
>> Collins said his son was not arrested or questioned, but he immediately
>> worried about Washington, who, he said, often leaves his belongings in
>> that
>> room.
>> Early on Tuesday morning, Washington had come to the apartment and went
>> into his brother’s room briefly, Collins said. He then went out on the
>> balcony to talk to someone for about 15 to 20 minutes, he said. Then he
>> left
>> in a car Collins said he did not see.Continued...
>> --

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