Sammy Tongoi & Rev. Dr. J. Weche at the 2010 ABC Conference, where the concept of Akad Africa was born. 

Spangler Building, Harvard Business School 

Student tours of Harvard Business School 

17th Annual Africa Business Conference,
Harvard Business School
27th February - 1st March, 2015

The 17th Annual Africa Business Conference will be held at the Harvard Business School campus. Address - 1 Solders Field Road,  Boston, Massachusetts, MA 02163, USA.

The conference is hosted by the Africa Business Club, a member of Student Clubs of HBS, Inc.

The Africa Business Conference is the world's largest student-run event focused on business in Africa. It brings together about 1,200 participants and is the ultimate networking opportunity for business and community leaders, corporate sponsors, students, educators from around the world and anyone passionate about business opportunities in Africa.

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These are four types: 
(A) conference + banquet + party, 
(B) conference + party, 
(C) conference only, 
(D) party only.  

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 Africa Business Conference includes;

  • Professional Panels
  • Activities for prospective Harvard University Students
  • Admission advice for prospective African students 
  • Multiple Keynote Sessions (as in picture above)
  • Networking Reception 
  • Entertainment activities;
    •    Banquet dinner, Concert, Fashion Show 

  Keynote Presentation, 13th ABC conference

 Lunch in the Spangler Building

  Panel Presentations, Aldrich Building

 Inside the Spangler Building

Aldrich Building 

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Akad Africa's Previous ABC Participation
"Bridging the Technical Skills Gap Panel", 2011

Dr. J. Weche was one of the expert panelists sharing on the above topic in the year 2011. This was based on Africa's education system being criticized in the past for being too outdated. This panel was an intense discussion of how we can invest in Africa’s raw and rich talent using formal and informal educational programs that provide key technical skills, knowledge and experiences.

The expert panelists shared valuable insights around how entrepreneurs and institutions are working on investing in the continent’s human capital in a bid to raise business competency levels that enable graduates to compete on a global level. The panelists were;
  1. Alero Ayida-Otobo, Head of ESSPIN, Department of International Development
  2. Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Founder, African Institution of Technology
  3. Samson Murage, Compliance Manager, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board
  4. Dr Julius Weche, CEO, Akad Africa

Professor Emmanuel Akyeampong, Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University




The Akad Educational Tour option for Africans "from the continent" over and above this includes a visit to the following;

  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Kennedy School
  • Harvard School of Public Health
  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Broad Institute
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • New England Aquarium
  • IMAX Theatre, Boston

Why Travel to Harvard Business School & visit Ivy League Universities?

One answer as to why such a trip is important is because it provides one the opportunity to learn through action – “action learning”, as described by Revans (1981). ‘To "know" what action learning is, one must have been responsibly involved in it; since this cannot have been done merely by reading about action learning’ Read more 


Corridor inside the Aldrich Building, where the separate panels are held