Joining AKAD

The most common email question we answer is “How can I join Akad?”

For those keen on our value addition, we offer the following four options

  1. Participation in events, activities & seminars
  2.  Participation in partner- led events
  3. Personal Mentorship coaching
  4. Online Mentorship  
These will usually have specific links relevant to registering and joining the specific events.  

We communicate with our participants through social media - specifically Facebook "Akad Africa" page, What'sApp groups and email. One therefore needs to have access to a smart phone or computer for us to effectively reach you and communicate.

Please be advised (without prejudice) that notice of events depends on opportunities and collaborating partners, and may therefore be short or long. As short as within a number of hours to as long as several months. 

1. Participation in AKAD led events, activities and seminars. 

  • For “walk in” youth; simply register to participate in the relevant activity or event, paying the registration fee and signing up on the webpage registration for the event. 
  • Events vary from 2 hours, half a day, full day to 3 – 4 day seminars. Educational tours and others take much longer.
  • One is then free to decide as to whether you would wish to submit a post event essay for our analysis and comment
  • One is then better able to gauge if they wish to engage deeper with our peer and adult mentors  

2. Participation in partner led events

  • These are usually limited to youth in our database
  • Invitations are communicated internally via What'sApp groups
  • Locations are partner-based, and may include top hotels - as seen in the Gap Year program.
  • Participation is based on prior engagement with us, regarding ours and partner expectations, meeting criteria for brand identification, standards, dress code, soft skills, etc.
  • Registration costs are NOT a reflection of participation, but are in keeping with our mentorship solutions, which include follow up essays, discussions, critical analysis, solutions, networking, etc.
  • Previous international events include Kampala (Uganda), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Lagos (Nigeria), New York, Boston and Baltimore (USA), etc.  

2. Personal Mentorship Coaching; 

  • Available to participants that demonstrate commitment to personal growth.
  • These freely identify a Peer, Adult and youthful mentors to work with.
  • The youth go through our processes that include providing Profiles, Essays, Strategic Plans, Accountability relationships, etc.
  • The process begins with a basic consultation for benchmarking, to establish foundations and best way forward. This is done face to face, via Skype or telephone. In order to book a consultation, kindly email us or call us on +254 720 743 674 
  • All personal mentoring is subject to continuous Monitoring & Evaluation using tools such as written essays written emailed within specified time periods
  • Appointments and Personal Mentorship Coaching are available face to face or online, at a set hourly rate.
  • Profiles & Essays submitted for assessment will be subject to a fee 

4.    Online Mentorship – currently under development. 

The current link for this is by clicking here

We will advise when this is completed and available


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