Sat, October 16, 2010 3:25:49 PM
[YP_Ke] Life in USA:The change factor!
Absalom Birai <> 
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To: Pastor Absalom N.Birai <>

As we attempt to make sense/meaning of what has befallen some communities in diaspora,in this case the United States,it might help to address some of the known contributing factors.
The first thing that comes into my mind is the slowness/quickness of making changes. Conventional wisdom dictates that when you migrate to a new place,among the first things to do, is to study the environment,understand ,know the advantages/disadvantages or consequences of doing this or that, and then make needed changes or adjustments. But that is not the case with many people. How so?
Its a known factor that some people are hard to change or adjust. Many migrate to USA in body but remain in their native land by the way they think and do things.Some men happen to fall into this category.They expect or should I say demand that things be done the way they were done back in their native land. Don't want to cook,wash dishes, vacuum, or do those other things that the new environment demands.
 On the other hand,we have those with the attitude of "anything goes" They are quick to adopt and swim in the new environment with all that it offers.This group of people never stop to question how their way of doing or viewing things will affect those that they love.In many ways,this group misunderstand and misapply their suppossedly new found freedom. Some women and youth/children happen to fall here.
This latter group want to do anything they feel like without being questioned. Their best phrase is"this is America". By that they mean that they can misbehave,disobey,drink, abuse drugs,hang around with whoever they want without any body saying anything. All these in the name of freedom.
And with thiese two different approach of dealing with change, many families find themselves driving in different directions.Slowry but surely,it leads to logger heads, lack of communication, regreting the decision to migrate to USA and a sense of helplessness,hopelessness, isolation and a desire to get out of this world by taking with them those who have caused them pain.Very bad indeed.
What is needed is a desire/willingness  by all to change/adjust,the humility to accept outside help and seeking for wisdom and understanding that comes from God.
Would like those who are or have lived in the States to chip in on this change factor. That way,we can come up with a workable solution.
Just a thought.
Pr Birai