Prof. Benyamin B. Lichtenstein
Assistant Professor in Management

University of Massachusetts, Boston,

Massachusetts, USA
Tel: + 1 617-287-7887


Ph.D. in Organization Studies from Boston College, 1998
B.A. in "Epistemology of the Sciences" from the University of California at Santa Cruz, 1988

Areas of Expertise
Entrepreneurship and Small Business; Clean-Tech – Sustainability – Social Entrepreneurship; Organizational Change and Transformation; Leadership.

Research Director of the Entrepreneurship Center; 
Associate Researcher Director in the Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CERC);
Curriculum Director for the Entrepreneurship Program at the College of Management
Chair of the Learning Assessment Committee.
Interim Director of the Honors Program for the College of Management

Courses Taught
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (MGT 667);
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MGT 470);
Organizational Analysis and Skills (MGT 650); 
Honors Thesis Program (MGT 478);
Managing Organizations (MGT 303). 
Clean-Tech Entrepreneurship course for Spring, 2011

Research Interests
Emergence and transformation of entrepreneurial ventures; Dynamics of social and organizational change.  Complexity science and the ecology of leadership; Social change through entrepreneurial innovation.

Selected Publications
Complexity and the Nexus of Leadership: Leveraging Nonlinear Science to Create Ecologies of Innovation; 2010. J. Goldstein, J. Hazy & B. Lichtenstein.  N.Y.: Palgrave MacMillan Press.

Complex Systems Leadership Theory.  2007.  J. Hazy, J. Goldstein & B. Lichtenstein, Editors.  Boston, MA: ISCE Press. [21 Chapters]. 

A Terminal Assessment of Stages Theory: Introducing a Dynamic States Approach to Entrepreneurship;2010.  J. Levie & B. Lichtenstein.  Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 34 (2): 314-351

The Leadership of Emergence: A Complex Systems Leadership Theory of Emergence at Successive Organizational Levels;  2009.  B. Lichtenstein & D. Plowman.  The Leadership Quarterly, 20: 617-630.

Strategic, Political, and Cultural Aspects of IT Implementation:  Improving the Efficacy of an IT System in a Large Hospital; 2009.   C. Wurster [MBA Student, U-Mass Boston], B. Lichtenstein and T. Hogeboom [MBA Student, U-Mass Boston]Journal of Health Care Management, 54 (3): 191-207

Complexity Dynamics Of Nascent Entrepreneurship. 2007.  B. Lichtenstein, N. Carter, K. Dooley &     B. Gartner. Journal of Business Venturing, 22: 236-261.

Collaborating for Systemic Change;  2007.  P. Senge, B. Lichtenstein, K. Kaeufer, H. Bradbury & J. Carroll. Sloan Management Review, 48 (2): 44-53.

Self-Organized Transitions: A Pattern Amidst the ‘Chaos’ of Transformative Change; 2000. B. Lichtenstein.  Academy of Management Executive, 14 (4), 128-141. Best Paper Award, AME.

Professional Activities
Editorial/Science Boards:
Journal of Business Venturing
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Journal of Organizational Change Management

Praxyma, Inc. - Consulting practice for sustainability and growth in entrepreneurial companies

Honors (selected)
College of Management Faculty Research Fellow, 2009-2011.  U-Mass Boston.
Best Paper of the Year Award; Academy of Management Executive, 2001 for “Self-Organized Transitions: A Pattern Amidst the ‘Chaos’ of Transformative Change.”

Outstanding Paper Award; Journal of Organizational Change Management - MCB Press, 1998. For “Grace, Magic & Miracles: A Chaotic Logic of Organizational Transformation.”

Outstanding University Teaching Award—Harry Jack Gray Teaching Scholarship; University of Hartford, 1999-2000

Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellow; Students in Free Enterprise. 1999-2002. Regional Competition Awardees (Rookies of the Year; and 2nd Runners-Up in the 4-year University section)

Outstanding Student Club at the University (Founding Faculty Advisor for the Entrepreneurs Association) - Office of Student Affairs; University of Hartford, 2000-2001.

Conference design and implementation; Sales and marketing for entrepreneurial companies.

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