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The 13th Annual  Africa Business Conference at Harvard Business School Conference was held on 18th & 19th February 2011 and is linked to entrepreneurial access to industries and markets.  We at Akad Africa then held personal meetings with Africa representatives on how wec can offer career training, job shadowing and internship access opportunities with vairous participating firms by way of opportunities for branding, advertising & marketing for partner organizations.

The conference is also the ultimate networking opportunity for business and community leaders, corporate sponsors, current and prospective Harvard MBA students and alumni, students from other programs, and educators from around the world. The following slide show below is of photos taken at the event.  Our participation is seen on the web page


Bridging the Technical Skills Gap Panel

Africa's education system has been criticized in the past for being too outdated. This panel was an intense discussion of how we can invest in Africa’s raw and rich talent using formal and informal educational programs that provide key technical skills, knowledge and experiences. Our expert panelists, including Dr. Weche of Akad, shared valuable insights around how entrepreneurs and institutions are working on investing in the continent’s human capital in a bid to raise business competency levels that enable graduates to compete on a global level