Student Questions

The following is a form for students who wish to ask questions to our Professional mentor - coaches on issues of careers & educational planning

Our Career Coaches are professionals in academia and industry who are willing and able to help school students define their career aspirations and to recognize opportunities for further educational training.

These include apprenticeships and workforce training, that can help students achieve their educational and financial goals.

The fundamental purpose of the Career Coaches is to empower students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare them for successful careers. The major responsibilities include:

  • Faclitating the development of individual career plans and portfolios. 
  •  Administering and providing interpretation of career assessments where available  
  •  Relating information on careers, career pathways, and related employment. 
  •  Connecting students to relevant college programs.  
  •  Easing the transition of students from one level of education to another and into  the skilled workforce. 


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