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The Need

Following the Akad Africa December 2010 Careers, Education and Leadership Excellence seminar, we have found that there is a growing number of students needing educational and professional career advice in a personal capacity. These are students who have serious questions that they wish to seek answers for NOW, and the only available resource is the internet. Yet we have access to great resource persons like you who, though not physically available, may be willing and able to potentially engage with such students if provided with a reasonable platform for doing so.

Facebook Example

Today's youth increasingly use the power of information technology - the internet - for information, education, friendship, social networking and fun. The best case examples include the Egyptian revolution and how FACEBOOK and other social sites have such great power and potential. Rather than fighting this trend, we propose innovative ways of engaging with it, before we loose more youth to the dark side of the internet (e.g. how porn has enslaved many).

Our off-site, on-line professional coaches are therefore an internet database resource as an opportunity to give back to the youth and society. As parents, this is a resource for our own children - given that today’s pressures do not enable adequate exposure of our own children to successful professional friends and acquaintances that can help mentor our children. Getting opportunities to engage on a one-to-one basis is extremely difficult, as we all have various pressures on our time and resources.

Our proposed e-mentoring is therefore through email for those seeking counsel. Students with questions will email them to us, and we shall in turn, forward the same to our associated professionals. Then name and email address of such a professional may or may not be provided, depending on the choice of the professional.

It is through such email communication that potential students can engage in asking questions and discuss about careers and professional matters which only that particular mentor – coach can best answer - and not me. Our students can look through the published database of career options, and send an email. Should the professional coach-consultant wish to have their name and contacts known, this can be provided for.

Invitation to Professional Coaches

If this above is acceptable to you, let me welcome you to participate by

  • 1.    Letting us have your name, email address and area of professional activity. Kindly let us know if you would want to keep your personal name and email address anonymous

  • 2.    If you would want to go further, you can even share your profile (and photo)

The current profiles of our available professional speakers can be viewed by clicking here.

The above service will initially be offered for free. If with time the volumes are such that extra management is necessary, then a fee may be introduced for the service.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. Julius Weche
Boston, Massachusetts
Panelist, Harvard Business School’s 13th Africa Business Conference
18th & 19th February 2011