Potential sponsors benefit by being associated with our careers and educational excellence transformative training. This will endear sponsors and or their products to students and parents, given the way education is close to the hearts and minds of all citizens. Depending on which area the sponsor wishes to participate, they would further benefit by; 

1.    Being able to advertise in the study materials, prepared and copyrighted by Professor Tirima

2.    Being able to advertise on advertising handbills that are distributed to all parents prior to the training

3.    Speaking at the events held at schools, addressing both parents and students

4.    Participating with ourselves in media events, such as when Professor Tirima and Dr. Weche appeard on Citizen Television (December 2010)

5.    Participating and being able to advertise in print and other electronic media, as well as the internet.

6.    Participating in other Public Relations activities. 

For an example of branding at a similar event done by Equity Group Foundation's August 2010 congress, kindly click here

Details of sponsorship costs are available on request, to cover the costs of materials, transportation, food and trainer's honoraria. Where individual schools are challenged in raising numbers, we can propose two or three schools combine together for the same. The school need to provide adequate room for the discussions