Scholarship Criteria, Terms & Conditions

AKAD actively seek a working relationship with a top African High schools to identify exceptional students with an interest or passion for success in areas that include engineering. 

These can then be strategically mentored towards admission and scholarship for study, at institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, HEC MBA Paris, KAIST, Minerva, African Leadership Academy and others. 

The challenge is to match students to the institutions. Many students lack vision and knowledge about these opportunities, while institutions have challenges in reaching potential African students. Then potential students are usually unprepared for the admission and scholarship process which requires a certain level of rigour. 

AKAD collaboration with Kenya Power has created opportunities for scholarships at our next "Mentoring Future Engineers with Kenya Power" seminar, details of which are available by clicking here  and poster is to the right.

The scholarships are through the following collaborating partners;

1.    KAIST - the Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, a public research university located in Daedeok Innopolis, Daejeon, South Korea. KAIST was established by the Korean government with the help Stanford University, USA and has over 10,000 full time students with 1,140 faculty researchers, ranked the 13th top Engineering University in the world. Its budget is US$ 765 million (2013) of which US$ 459 million was fro research contracts. We will make up to 10 recommendations for scholarships. For details of the school of Engineering, click here


2.  Minerva Schools; based in San Francisco, USA, with residential locations; San Francisco, USA; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Buenos Aires, Seoul, South Korea and Hyderabad, India. We will make up to 15 recommendations for students eligible to receive financial aid, in the form of scholarships, grants, work study programs, etc. For further information about Minerva Schools, click here 

3.  HEC MBA Paris, based in Paris, France for a Masters in Business Administration degree. 

      The HEC MBA campus is located 20km from Paris, the epicenter of European business, hosting a higher concentration of Multinational Corporations than any other city on the continent. Admitted students benefit from a wide range of job and internship opportunities, and strong corporate relations with these companies. HEC Paris MBA gives access to a strong international faculty, a global alumni network and a diverse student body

      HEC Paris MBA students come from all over the world to work in a challenging and intellectually stimulating English-speaking environment.    

      Kindly see introductory videos at

      General information about HEC MBA Paris is available at

 4. African Leadership Academy (ALA); based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a residential, secondary institution for youth ages 15 - 19 from 45 African countries. It seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of over 6,000 leaders who will work together to address Africa's greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact and accelerate the continent's growth trajectory.

The recommended top students receive direct admission with scholarships/financial aid, subject to meeting the institution's set criteria - without having to do any other admission tests.

The onus is on us to play our individual roles and deliver potential candidates best suited and able to excel in the undergraduate program, and at best, transit to Master’s Degree programs and other qualifications. The students will specifically be identified from the four day Seminar, which helps meet the roles of parties that include, but are not limited to;


·        Kenya Power;

o   Hard skills introduction to Engineering; Electrical, Mechanical & Automotive Engineering with engineering facilities; workshops, substations, etc.

o   Professional Engineers from Kenya Power that speak to students about the profession.  

o   Opportunities to students for professional Job Shadowing, Apprentice, Internships and possible future employment


·        AKAD mentoring ;

o   Introduction to the area of career preparation

o   Mentorship exposure to a wide range of alternative careers to establish fit between personality, passion and career prospects

o   Peer Mentee Engineering students from local universities; University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University

o   Identification of students with interest, passion, excellence, leadership and vision for success in select careers through our seminars 

o   Confidence building for success

o   Soft Skills development: Public Speaking, Public image, etiquette, manners, respect

o   Providing a list of the students that show the best potential for success and excellence in undergraduate programs, with capacity to proceed to graduate studies and research.

·        Partnering High School to provide;


o   Access to students for continued mentorship (for undergraduate progams)

o   Academic transcripts of select students, showing the four years of high school study (End of Year reports, and where necessary, End of Term reports)

o   Verification of personality and character qualities; teacher recommendations

o   Confirmation of Leadership & value addition to the school and community during the four years of study  

o   Confirmation of student being rounded, through participation and excellence in Co-Curricular activities; sports, drama, math & science congress competitions, etc.


For high schools that choose to nominate students, the terms and conditions include, but are not limited to the following; 

  • Top boy and girl from each form: Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 and Form 4 
  •    At best come from financially challenged backgrounds as confirmed by yourselves
  •  Students to provide names, bio-profile and profile photo and authorise us to leverage the same in raising sponsorship support
  •  Permission to share this information with potential sponsors, mentors and on public relations materials.
  • Be available as Brand Ambassadors of potential sponsors and ourselves to fellow peers and the nations
  • Willing to be held accountable through monitoring & evaluation of the mentorship process; essay writing, leadership development, media appearances, etc.
  • Leadership Development; are willing to be mentored in leadership growth process and share this with their peers & nation as positive role models
  • Failure to demonstrate respect or overt rebellion is sufficient cause to be immediately removed from our program and any potential scholarship program
  • Sign a legal waiver document agreeing to this information above






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