Mentorship Program

Target: Form 4, KCSE leavers and beyond

Dates: From Tue 10th May 2022 (date postponed by one week due to the public holidays)

Location: MOW Sports Club, South C, Nairobi

Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm, Twice per week

Cost: Ksh 2,200/- per session, 
Payable by MPesa to Till No. 9366385

This program ended in November 2022 

* Following the easing of Covid-19 protocols, we are once again available to provide face to face Gap Year programs. During the Covid-19 time, the program was provided online, as per photos & posters to the right. 



Transition preparation: Life-skills from schools into real life!  

This includes, but is not limited to, helping  prepare willing, passionate and visionary youth to further seek admission and scholarship into top, world class institutions. 

This is a PROCESS and not an EVENT, therefore it takes TIME as the MINDSETS need to be changed, developed and grow.

We celebrate the Case Study of Yuri Coret, as seen by clicking here


Our Value Addition includes; 

  • Self discovery – students first need to know themselves; their gifts, abilities, learning styles, dreams, goals and vision
  • Identify possible careers – based on knowing themselves
  • Prepare for their careers – based on post secondary institutions, such as universities
  • Plot your educational journey – setting of goals, timelines for short, medium and long term goals
  • Establish a career path – based on current & emerging challenges in the job and careers market locally and overseas
  • Establish Life & Soft skills
  • Launch entrepreneurial projects through proof of concept, pilot projects, scale up projects
The above is based on Customisation, not Standardization, deeply immersing youth in environments that celebrate their unique strengths, abilities, passion with great fun. 


Core Gap Year Topics 

  1.  Profile Writing & presentation; Elevator Pitch
  2.  Branding; knowing & understanding self, “I am” 
  3.  Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
  4.  Communication: Essays Writing Skills
  5.  Negotiation; Single & Multiple Party
  6.  Public Speaking & Confidence Building
  7.  Success Principles; Paradigms, Beliefs & Attitudes 
  8. Leadership Growth & Development
  9.  Ideation: Concept Notes, Solutions & Entrepreneurship
  10.  Admissions, Scholarships & Job Ready skills


What is the AKAD Gap Year Program? 

This consists of ten (10) core sessions of 35 contact hours & optional field sessions. The skills provided in the Gap Year Program include, but are not limited to the following SoftSkills, LifeSkills and Essential Skills; 

  • Confidence Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication
  • Negotiation, Group Work & Team Building
  • Time Management, Project Management
  • Stress Management, Relationships & Mental Health
  • Entrepreneurship & Research
  • Branding & Public Relations
  • Self Defense - Shotokan Karate
  • Presentations with assignments in between.

Our training format is by participation in a Socratic fashion. This requires active participation by all - not just sitting back and falling asleep. This is delivered within a fun environment with experiential team-building methodology. 

Sufficiently motivated youth who show cause, are provided opportunity to demonstrate these skills through engaging with Adult Mentors in their areas of passion and interest. In the past this has included the privilege of attending the annual Kenya National Prayer Breakfast with H.E. President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders for exceptional youth.


Akad Leadership Growth Model.pdf Akad Leadership Growth Model.pdf
Size : 353.886 Kb
Type : pdf
Examples of previous Gap Year Core and Field Activities have included, but were not limited to; 

Peer Testimonial: 

Yuri Coret, July 2019

Hello everyone,

Following the successful accomplishment of the borehole renovation project in Kawangware Primary School, we were able to have a handing over event today at the school. We have sustainably impacted over 2100 students representing more than 1000 households in Kawangware slum.

Furthermore, we have contributed to the fulfillment of 9 SDG goals. I want to say a great thank you to the Davis And Shirtliff Head Office , AKAD Africa , Public Image, and PACE (Promoting Access to Community Education), Kenya for supporting me through this journey. We will be hopefully extending the project to 2 more schools in Nairobi. — at Kawangware Primary School.




Here is a wonderful testimony from a parent received yesterday, regarding  impact of our one-on‐one mentoring, following a session in January 2020. 


Thank you for your time on Monday morning. To me it was epic.

The key questions you asked my daughter - what do you have to offer, what value will you bring to the table, what solutions will you bring to the community. . were the very questions I have been grappling with over the past weeks as I write my application for my PhD. I thought that my daughter was getting exposed to a very great timely opportunity -talking to you that day. 

At 19 this was a significant way for her to think through her choices. 

Even better, the fact that you linked all categories of her person - spiritual, academic, gifting, personality together, was on point and really made me glad - many young people flow with what the world presents to them. They rarely think of who they are and what they have to offer.

Your analogy of climbing the stair well and realising that that wasn't the right  stair case made me think again about how for me as a parent - my desire has been to get my daughters' to succeed - so I am likely to allow them to walk through a door of opportunity - even if it quite wasn't the right fit ??‍♀ stood out for me.

Your discussion on the build up of a deliberate personal brand was wonderful. . .  The detail of verifying, measuring and deliberate visibility as presented was so timely. 

All in all I realised that you were truly doing what you were called to do. Something that God prepared you to do many years ago. 

I was so happy to have escorted my daughter because I learned a lot from your discussion. I asked myself - what exactly I was aiming for. .

Have a good night



Previous Case Study Activities  

For photos of activities, please visit our Facebook page "Akad Africa" oclick here


Community Service 

The advantage to participants is that community service verifies and measures your philanthropic contribution to society. 

This is of value to youth seeking to demonstrate value addition to their profiles, when seeking possible admission and scholarship opportunities in overseas institutions (where an "A" grade is not enough). Community Service is one of the five basic pillars AKAD provides assistance to our mentees.

As a result, several youth engage with collaborative programs, especially those that add value to the less fortunte. These have included engaging with youth in slum schools and areas, such as Mathare, Kawangware and others.

Sample Essays 


Marvin Osolo - Jan 2017.pdf Marvin Osolo - Jan 2017.pdf
Size : 407.952 Kb
Type : pdf
ted wanjala's essay.pdf ted wanjala's essay.pdf
Size : 61.308 Kb
Type : pdf

Field Activity Essay samples 
SHIVON NINSIIM - 27 Jan 2017.pdf SHIVON NINSIIM - 27 Jan 2017.pdf
Size : 279.009 Kb
Type : pdf
Mary Mwangi - UN Tour 2nd Feb 2017.pdf Mary Mwangi - UN Tour 2nd Feb 2017.pdf
Size : 256.563 Kb
Type : pdf
Gladys Gachoka-'Avatar' movie review.pdf Gladys Gachoka-'Avatar' movie review.pdf
Size : 458.262 Kb
Type : pdf

   Location of MOW Sports Club, Nairobi South C, Kenya

    Online e-mentorship sessions (above with Julie Gichuru)





   Lennox Owino and David Mwangi with Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris 

                                                                                 Good food! 

Liability Waiver

  • Costs for core events at MOW Sports Club include tea & snacks. 
  • Costs exclude transport, internet, third party & field trip costs. 
  • Field trips & activities are at cost (which vary), payable in advance and subject to space availability. 
  • Field trips are available subject to collaborative partner agreements, and given on a competitive basis - which includes but is not limited to, assessment of submitted Monitoring & Evaluation Essays from Core activity events (please see essay writing format below). 
  • Timetable details of field trips will be provided to successfully registered participants on a need to know basis.
  • By registering, all participants confirm that they have the discretion and are healthy enough to participate in physically straineous team-building activities 
  • Liability waiver is as per policy is available by clicking here
  • Manual liability waiver is to be signed for walk in participants. 


We truly appreciate the leadership and Mentorship and leadership of Akad mentees that have gone ahead of this group. 

They include, but are not limited to, Joan Nekoye (Brown University, 2020),  Eric Fairweather (Minerva Schools 2019) mentored Joshpat Lowoi (Duke University, 2018) mentored by Ernest Ochieng (Harvard University, 2016 and graduating in year 2020)

Ernest was mentored by George Gathiani (Washington University in St. Louis, USA 2015), who was mentored by Brian Ngugi, previously of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) and  graduated from Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, 2019). Brian was mentored by Nyamawih Charo (Bath University, UK 2015) and Wambui Mburu, graduate of ALA and Oklahoma State University, USA.    



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