34th AKAD Seminar 

August 2023 

Dates: Tue 22nd - Thur 24th August 2023 (3 days).

Time:      8:00am - 4:00pm Daily (Non Residential)

Target:   Upper Primary, High School & College                     Youth

  • Location:  MOW  Sports Club, South C, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Attendance: per day or all 3 days
  • For Registration, kindly click here 

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Why these AKAD seminars?   

Topics include the following delivered in a Socratic & Case Study fashion.

1.       Why a Youth Leadership Seminar? 
2.       Branding: Profile Writing, Presentation; Elevator Pitch
3.       Knowing & understanding self, talents, gifts, abilities 
4.       Confidence building & Public Speaking
5.       Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
6.       Communication: Essays Writing Skills
7.       Negotiation; Single & Multiple Party
8.       Success Principles; Paradigms, Beliefs & Attitudes 
9.       Leadership Growth & Development
9.       Entrepreneurship: Ideation, Solutions 
10.    Job Readiness: CV, Interview & Job Ready Skills*  

Youth at these stages suffer from these key problem areas; 

  • Lack of confidence!
  • Lack of mentors in academic & career preparation 
  • Clarity in academic & career success pathways 
  • Lack of strategic preparation for admissions to top, world class universities e.g. Ivy League Schools
  • Few intentional & strategic leadership youth development programs 
  • “Work Ready” skills for youth on graduation
  • Real entrepreneurship development in youth!


Few programs specifically introduce these concepts to youth who therefore lack knowledge in identifying their  gifts, talents, skills & abilities. And how to best match these with available career opportunities. 

Career decisions are made purely on academic grades &  college placement often disappoint. This includes pure guess-work, peer, parental pressure & media exposure. These totally ignoring the basics; one's inner and long term future options. 

Purely academic based examination systems are a poor measurement of a student’s retentive, analytical, moral and emotional intelligence – yet are the standard used in eliminating students when in competition for limited academic places. As a result, Lifeskills needed to success are not instilled.

Change is a given. An effective leader needs to anticipate, strategize for and enable self and organisations proactively navigate change. Leadership includes managing, pioneering & leading change.  Our seminars introduce youth as potential future leaders to better understand, address, embrace, manage & lead change as a positive process in the pursuit of their lifetime vision, mission and goals.


Terms & Conditions

  • By registering, participants confirm that they have the discretion and are healthy enough to participate in physical experiential training teambuilding & sports activities   
  • The onus is on the students to dress appropriately - sports shoes, t-shirts and swimming attire as per timetable dates
  • Liability waiver is as per policy is available by clicking here
  • Manual liability waiver is to be signed for walk in participants.
             Location: MOW Sports Club, South C, Nairobi


Resource Persons   

James Ruigu

James Ruigu is Construction Management student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the Construction Management Student Representative in the Interactive Construction Management Student Organisation (ICOMSO) and a certified Financial Analyst by ALX - and an AKAD Associate, Peer Mentor and Mentee.

James is passionate about entrepreneurship and business and runs a honey selling business, where he supports family business in dairy farming and agribusiness. He offers guided KCSE tuition services through the AKAD Tuition services due to his excellent KCSE (2019) results, desiring to make learning easier for student success.

He is passionate about youth leadership and impact; sitting in the Nairobi Youth Planning Committee of Church On The Rock Ministries - engaging in spiritual matters through music & art as a drummer and band leader for The Journey JKUAT chapter.

James is an Alumnus of The Alliance High School (2019) where he pioneered the team of "Ambassadors for Clean Content among Minors"; a campaign protecting children from harmful online content with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). This saw him represent 66% of the total children population that access the internet on a daily basis from accessing harmful online content.

James has undertaken the AKAD Gap Year programs for leadership & personal development; building networks and giving back to society through mentorship. Here he has practiced and demonstrated his leadership skills, including representing teenagers in TV media panel discussions, up-scale dinners & galas - including the ZURI Awards 2020. This began as former President, AKAD Club at Alliance High School and Alliance Badminton Team Manager – leading to team victories in several inter-school tournaments. He was in the Christian Union (CU) and Chapel Committees as Technical Team Director & Public Relations Officer, Peace Club. He participated in community service opportunities through leading clubs that included, but were not limited to visiting old people’s homes, Sunday school, hospitals and children’s homes.

Aida Mutheu

Aida Mutheu is an undergraduate student pursuing a Nursing Degree at NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY-NORTHERN CYPRUS.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of a mental health initiative called #Im Here for You. This initiative creates a platform for youth to find peace through peer support groups, educating coping and cognitive skills. She is a certified Peer Councilor , AKAD AFRICA associate and member of New York Academy of Sciences - a club committed to personal and educational growth and recognizes their unique roles in creating change in the world through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

She is a recognized volunteer in Boston High Schools-Utawala; Embakasi Primary School –Embakasi; Rophine schools -Utawala and CITAM schools. Her students know her for the teaching Programme for Pastoral Instruction (P.P.I), Leadership skills and Mental Health.

Aida cleared her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) in April 2022. She looks  forward to impacting the world by making it better by creating solutions, influencing, and becoming a better version of herself.   


Kiilu Nduhiu

Kiilu Nduhiu is a psychodrama and film enthusiast pursuing a Bachelor’s in Theatre

Arts and Film Technology at Kenyatta University. He hosts and runs the Youth Talk with Kiilu podcast, which he uses as a platform to champion mental health awareness. He is an Associate, mentee and Peer Mentor at AKAD AFRICA, where he has participated in several National educational reform discussions (linked here).

Through his experience as a Peer Mentor in designing and delivering standard peer-driven mentorship models, he designed a counselling platform, rolled out as the Peer Counsellors’ Society - having trained 62 Peer Counsellors in Lenana School (2018/2019). Thereafter, he did 100 hours of volunteer teaching at Mlolongo

Primary through PACEMAKER INTERNATIONAL. Adapting the Socratic method of learning, he initiated Peer Mentorship conversations regarding academic success and mental health with students he interacted with (2020).

 As an artist, Kiilu managed to reach the National level of the Kenya Music Festival, bass solo section; featured in the 2018 African Arts Forum as well as in the Ruaraka Music Festival. He has participated in the production of the film La Cuna where he started exploring film as a form of storytelling. He is now engaging with theatre professionals, exploring psychodrama and community theatre as a front for community healing.

Having worked at Nation Media Group as a Production Intern, Kiilu looks to further his film prowess, aspiring to work with international production companies such as Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. This will contribute to a broader understanding of film as an art form and a way of storytelling on a global scale. This will go a long way toward achieving his goal of establishing film schools in Africa.



Rev. Dr. Julius Weche

Rev. Dr. Julius Weche is a Leadership & Management lecturer with ESAMI; East & Southern Africa Management Institute, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This providing leadership training to African leaders from over 20 countries. He is also a BLR Etihad Museum Experience Executive, ordained by the Anglican Church of Kenya and Founder & Team leader of AKAD Education Group – Africa.

Dr. Weche’s educational solutions with AKAD Africa were celebrated when twice invited as speaker-panelist at Harvard Business School (HBS); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA and as Africa’s representative to HEC MBA Paris, France. AKAD Signature success programs include “Mentoring Future Engineers” with Kenya Power and KENGEN, “Mentoring Future Leaders” with Dr. Vimal Shah & BIDCO; “Media Mentorship” with Standard Media Group, School Motivational Talks with Admissions & Scholarships to top world class universities and competition judge for US$ 1 Million Hult Prize (Kenya), Zuri Awards & YouWin Awards

Over 100,000 people have been impacted, influenced and inspired in the last decade, including youth obtaining admissions with scholarships (of up to USD 100,000 each per year) to top, world class universities; Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Brown, Duke in the United States of America. Youth are also regularly admitted to study in other countries that include Japan, China, Germany, Cyprus, UK and South Africa – while featured in Kenyan and international media.

Dr. Weche aspires to develop thousands of value based leaders in Africa & Middle East, including the next 100 Billionaires leaders like Dr. Vimal Shah and Professor Issa Baluch; as well as his late beloved mentor, Kiptanui Chemwor of Factual Films (1974) Ltd. who identified, invested & developed his business & leadership skills.                                                                                                                                        

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